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The article highlights the educational qualification and eligibility criteria needed for the writers to attempt the Write for Us + Education Guest Post article.

Are you an individual who has acquired immense knowledge in the education sector? In addition to that, do you have a great desire to publish your online articles on a renowned website? Then our “barewitness” website supports your interest and skills and welcomes you to participate in the Write for Us + Education Guest Post blogging opportunity. And we hope that this guest blogging opportunity will help the writers to bring their hidden talents to our readers. Let us start with a brief explanation of this opportunity.

Introduction to our website “barewitness.org”

Our website is one of the best and most trending online publishing platforms. And we have arduously presented high-quality content for our valuable Education + Write for Us readers. And we have the technical parameters to prove our legitimacy. Our website has an excellent trust score, SEO score, and Alexa ranking score, which shows that our website is the most authentic and is liked by nearly a thousand visitors.

Our topics are,

  • Website Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Travel
  • Money
  • Business Tips
  • Biographies
  • Education
  • Health

Eligible Criteria for Write for Us + Education writers 

Education is the most dynamic and active topic, which gets updated every day; thus, millions of education articles are available on the internet. Thus, we request that writers to expose their knowledge innovatively and creatively. That way, we can make our articles to shine among the crowd. We have created a protocol for addressing the “Write for Us” + Education topics.

And here it is: writers should explain the real-life issues and solutions to education-related problems; if they do so, they can attract many students as well as their parents. If you are willing to do so, please keep an eye out for the upcoming information.

Educational Qualification: The person should have compulsorily finished the graduation degree or any other courses related to the education or health of the student, etc.

Skill sets: They should have good writing skills.

Write for Us Education Reference Topics

As previously stated, we request that the writers to select a solution-oriented topic rather than a statistical or conventionally dull one. Nowadays, people are looking for articles more likely to be associated with their real lives. Thus, choose accordingly or pick a topic similar to the below-mentioned ones for presenting “Write for Us” + “Education” article.

  • What are the best universities in the world? And their reports and findings.
  • What is the use of learning foreign languages like German, Spanish, and French? And their career scope for the students.
  • Is it safer to take an education loan in this current scenario, and what more information about the interest rates?
  • Insights on a healthy diet for the students

Education Write for Us articles Guidelines

  • The article’s word count ranges from 500 to 1500.
  • Writers should pay attention to the presentation of the article as well. They should include the necessary heading and title tags, bullets, numberings, and tables.
  • The article should be 100% unique without any grammatical errors, and it should not contain even one single percent of plagiarised content.
  • Write for Us+ Education guest post contributors should not promote or advertise any coaching institutes or universities. If they suggest some educational institution, that should be purely based on authentic reports and findings.
  • Writers are free to add the necessary images related to the chosen topics. We encourage the writers to use their images; if not, it is not an issue.

“Write for Us” + Education articles SEO guidelines

  • The writers should insert the focus keywords in their articles; they can easily find them with the help of Google’s Keyword Planner or check the “related searches” option in Google.
  • Internal and external hyperlinks are essential for increasing the SEO score and decreasing the spam value of the article. Please attach it at the end of the article.

Education + “Write for Us” writers Benefits

  • Our website has a perfect trust score, meaning many readers trust us and our content. Similarly, our readers will also show their trust and support for the guest bloggers’ articles.
  • On our website, writers are allowed to generate backlinks.
  • Our friendly writing professionals will help the writer with their doubts and queries at any time.

How to submit the Education “Write for Us” articles to us?

The guest post writers should submit their educational articles to this Email Address [[email protected]], and our editorial team will review the articles for further selection.


We have explained the needs and requirements of our barewitness team, and the guest post writers will surely get good exposure after attempting to take advantage of our Write for Us + Education Guest Post blogging opportunity. Because our website assists the Educational talented writers in advancing their careers, come forward to improve your writing career.

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