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Laura Müller Video Clip: Check What Is In The Video Instagram


The Laura Müller Video Clip details about Laura Müller Instagram and viral clip. Follow our article to know more.

Laura Muller has been the talk of the town after her intimate picture goes viral on social platforms. The erotic clip has become viral Worldwide. The wife of the pop singer has caused a stir on internet through her explicit content. 

In her latest post on Instagram she was spotted with two men as per sources. She appeared half naked on her OnlyFans account. She uploaded the content with the caption “I dared to do it.” 

The wife of Michael Wendler in her recent Instagram post showed herself and appeared with two men. The picture has been widely surfacing on online platforms. 

Laura also uploaded the image on snapchat with the caption “I took the plunge and shot my first clip.” She was found in threesome posture with the post script “You know where to find exclusive material.”

Laura Müller Video Clip Instagram:

Laura Müller Video Clip Instagram
Laura Müller Video Clip Instagram

Laura Mulle, the wife of pop singer Michael Wendler has been a buzz on internet following her explicit content released on her social media account. The explicit content could be found on her OnlyFans account. 

In fact, it was known that husband Michael Wendler is supporting her OnlyFans career and has been widely promoting her wife’s explicit content on his social media platforms as per sources. At the same time, Laura Muller is fully boosted to pursue her career as a OnlyFans model. 

It was on Tuesday morning when Laura announced relating to her new content. The wife of pop star Laura Muller dares to take step to upload her first erotic content which can be found on her OnlyFans account. The images of the erotic content was uploaded on Instagram. 

Earlier she was offered a good sum of money to participate in explicit shoot but she along with her husband denied the offer as per sources. However, recently the couple seemed to have change their mind following the erotic content of Laura Muller Instagram. While her husband is widely supporting by advertising her content.

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Personal life:

Laura Muller, the wife of the pop singer was born on 30th July 2000 in Tangermunde. She grew up at the Sacony-Anhalt in the municipality of Miltern. She was 10 years old when her parents got separated. Although she was still living with her parents. When she was 16 years old  she moved with her father. Her original name is Laura Sophie Norberg. She is a German It girl. 

Personal Life Laura Müller
Personal Life Laura Müller

She gained fame after she became the girlfriend of the pop singer Michael Wendler in 2019. She met with Michael Wendler at the age of 18 years. She was around 19 years old when she became the girlfriend of the pop singer. 

The age difference between the couple is 28 years. She was often spotted with Michael in reality shows and Lets Dance on the RTL group. She got married to Michael Wendler in 2020. The couple has a child together naming Rome Aston. He was born in America.         

Laura Muller Photo:

In recent times, the wife of the pop singer Laura Muller has been trending on online platforms. She appeared in the image which is expected to be taken while shooting the film. Laura was found lying on the bed. 

Laura Muller Photo
Laura Muller Photo

Laura was wearing a black garment. The clip will be available for the OnlyFans users. The uploaded the photo with the caption “Now I finally tell you. I dared- my first clip is coming.”

The Laura Müller Video Clip has become viral on online platforms. To know more details about Laura Müller Video, click on this link.

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