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Write for Us General Guest Post: Read Great Details That Are Needed To Write A Guest Post!


In the article Write for Us General Guest Post, essential guidelines and rules that must be followed when submitting work to the debbimorgan team were laid out.

Do you like to write guest blog? The material of guest blogs is attracting massive attention from users all over the world. Suppose you’re a writer who aims to be a professional writer and also has pertinent knowledge to convey to our readers then our debbimorgan, welcome  you. The articles in the Write for Us General Guest Post will, indeed serve as a valuable source for our readers, and we hope the writers will add to their knowledge On specific topic to the guest post.

Greetings and welcome to debbimorgan.com

One of the well-known news website platforms that guarantee excellent reviews and material is Debbimorgan. We are doing our part to increase awareness via our post, General + Write for Us. Our team of skilled writers is dedicated to using their knowledge to produce high-quality content, and seeing our satisfied customers inspires us to strive harder to create more genuine information on;

  • Contents Businesses 
  • Latest News 
  • Personality information 
  • Gaming and shopping advice 
  • Product reviews 
  • Business advice 
  • Health advice

Essential Desirables: Write for Us General

  • As we have covered the fundamentals, people from all sectors may offer their time. Participants are asked not to propose any new subjects, though. 
  • All the participants have to submit their original piece of work. It must be more entertaining while also being more educational.
  • For their  “Write for Us”+General submissions, authors should select a particular genre. The genre can be anything.
  • We support new writers as well, but they must follow our guidelines to contribute to their writing voice.
  • Any interested wannabe writers are welcome to apply for this chance since we haven’t specified any particular educational prerequisites.

Write for Us + General Examples Topics.

The topics should be handled in a unique, inventive, and helpful way, as we’ve already stated. Below are a few general subjects for guest blogs that we have highlighted. Please check them.

  • The causes of NFT’s decline
  • Advice for maintaining mental health; 
  • New health problems for the twenty-first century 
  • Guest post authors may select a well-known individual to feature in the  “Write for Us” + “General” posts and explore their successful journeys, life lessons, etc.
  • Motivating articles featuring case studies 
  • Profitable company ideas Possibilities to work from home
  • Witty sports articles with commentary;
  • As we’ve already mentioned, picking the correct heading is crucial, so bear that in mind.

Guidelines for General Write for Us

  • Since the length of a guest post article relies on its subject, word counts between 500 and 1000 are appropriate.
  • We request that authors only submit their original pieces because all types of piracy are prohibited.
  • To use the Grammarly application, writers must provide a picture of their copying percentage in the paper Write for Us+General.
  • Sentences in general articles must be grammatically correct.
  • Disrespectful language, unsupported assertions, and mature subject matter are not permitted in articles.
  • Posts need to be well-researched and they have to be submitted within the given time.
  • Presentation is crucial. Guest bloggers should therefore include all relevant information.

 “Write for Us” + General SEO Guidelines

  • When utilizing SEO tactics, authors should refrain from filling their material with unrelated phrases just because they’re well-liked online.
  • Keywords must be underlined, and the proper keyword density should be followed.
  • Less than 3% of spam link should be added.
  • Internally and external links must be used once guest post pieces have reached a 70% completion rate.

Privileges for General + “Write for Us”

  • The debbimorgan team recognizes each writer’s value in its entirety.
  • The writer can get help from our helpful and educated staff with any inquiries they may have regarding editorial or title suggestions. 
  • Due to the large number of readers who access our articles, we have excellent monthly impressions and web rankings.

General “Write for Us”- Submission Process 

Please email any completed work to us at the provided [email protected] address. In addition, authors can contact this editing team via mail for any unclear clarifications. They will contact you as soon as they get time.


The debbimorgan team expects all its authors to write with sincerity and excellence. Since it is our practice to modify the articles to satisfy reader demands, our editorial team will have sole rights to the articles picked. It is not permissible for writers for Write for Us General Guest Post to resell or reproduce the submitted content on other websites.

Would you like contributing to the general blog on our website, Please express your opinions.

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