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Education Write for Us Guest Post: Check The Detailed Guidelines To Write A Guest Post!


The article lists the criteria needed for presenting the Education Write for Us Guest Post article to the Debbimorgan.org website in a concise manner.

Are you someone who truly believes that education is the only tool for eradicating poverty and improving household economic conditions? Can you share your academic knowledge and experience via online articles? The Debbimorgan team came up with this Education Write for Us Guest Post blogging opportunity to help the writers expose their hidden writing skills. To be considered for this guest blogging opportunity, the writer must meet some criteria listed below; please read them carefully before submitting.

About our website “debbimorgan.org”

Our website is one of the trending content writing platforms, which has reached a milestone by getting more Education + Write for Us readers worldwide. Our readership includes professionals, including educators, doctors, engineers, students, parents, seniors, and others. We can attract all of these valuable audience groups by providing high-quality articles. And we have been publishing authentic content since the beginning of the website.

Our topics include,

  • Business
  • Travel
  • Health
  • Website Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Games
  • Entertainment and Sports

Criteria needed for presenting the Education Write for Us articles 

Education is one of the most popular topics. It will always retain its shine in the upcoming years because people have started to realise the importance of education in day-to-day life, which is indeed a good thing. But on the other end, readers are getting more queries and doubts about taking their education to the next level. 

Thus, we want the “Write for Us” + Education writers to provide solutions to real-time educational problems and queries.

Education: The individual should have a graduate degree.

Experience: It is necessary to have a minimum of 1 to 2 years of experience in the education field. And no prior writing experience is required.

Skill sets: Writers should have the ability to write grammatically error-free articles.

Write for Us Education Reference topics

Writers may find it challenging to select one topic from the millions of educational issues; that’s why we’ve come to your rescue. Writers can use the topics mentioned above or present articles from their field. A teacher, for example, can present topics such as “easy ways to memorise math formulae,” and the “Write for Us” + “Education” writers can select from their respective professions as well.

  • Tips to clear the entrance exams in an easy way
  • What are the essential habits to be followed by students in this current digital world?
  • How can we avoid screen time for the students?
  • What can graduation courses be taken for a more remarkable career?

Write for Us + Education articles Guidelines

  • Length of the article: 500 to 1500
  • The readability score of the article shouldn’t go below 80%, and to achieve this high score, writers should follow these simple steps: Avoid using long paragraphs; whenever possible, add appropriate subheadings; make a list of information rather than stating it in a long paragraph; and use bullets and numbering.
  • Write for Us+ Education writers should take their source of information from a legit and reliable source. If they are quoting any reports, quotes, or findings, they should compulsorily give credit to the person and not copy the whole content. Present the article in a 100% unique way.
  • The guest post writers can use the Grammarly application to correct grammar errors. If the writer uses the Grammarly application, a score of 99 or higher is required.

“Write for Us” + Education articles SEO guidelines

  • Using exact keywords helps us to increase the SEO score of our article. Thus, we ask the writers to search for the keywords associated with their chosen topics.
  • After completing the articles to 80%, the writers must insert the inbound and outbound hyperlinks without fail.

Education + “Write for Us” writers Benefits

  • The writers can seek assistance from our writers and editors’ team anytime; they do not need to be perplexed. We have the friendliest team; they will help with their doubts.
  • If any of them need to learn about SEO strategies and the incorporation of keywords, our team will guide them. Then it will surely be a life lesson for the writers.

Submission rules for the Education “Write for Us” writers 

People genuinely interested in our guest blogging opportunity can submit their valuable works to our editor’s Email Address [[email protected]]. They will respond within two to three days.


We want to finish this article by stressing the terms and conditions of our debbimorgan team: writers are not allowed to repost or sell their selected Education Write for Us Guest Post content to any other online content-creating firms. And the editors have full responsibility and rights over the chosen Educational articles, which means they can edit as per standard protocols. Trust us; it’s all good for you!

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