Pakbuck Com {Oct 2022} Read To Find The Legitimacy!

Pakbuck Com: Read more about how to stay away from website scams. Read all details here.

Are you looking for second opinions on buying new gadgets? Everyone has some judgment about what’s best in the market. But these opinions are biased and based on people’s preferences.  

However, several online platforms may help you with your decision to invest in new technology. Specifically lucky are people in Pakistan. They got some websites that may specialize in the field. 

Therefore let’s find out if Pakbuck Com worth trusting. 

About the website 

The website aims to give the best reviews and guide for tech to people, especially in Pakistan. The website claims to support online earning tricks and tips. The website does not provide many words for their existence and lacks content in the “About us” section. Hence at first glance, there is no idea what the website offers. 

The website has some articles reviewing some apps and ways to earn coins using apps. 

More information 

The website is barren, with very few details on the official site. A lot of the content on the Pakbuck Com is not in English. It constricts the reach of the content written.

The last post on the website is in English, posted 6-months ago. The website has a privacy policy that is hard to read and understand. 

Is it Legit?

There is a reason why we need to raise the question about the legitimacy of the website. Most of the sites that look authentic may not be what they seem. Hence, our research would help the readers to decide whether the site is worth their time or not. 

  • The URL for the website is  
  • The Pakbuck Com has a domain age of 3 Month 28 Days.
  •  The website was created on 03/02/2021 and would expire on 03/02/2022. It means that the website has a short life expectancy. 
  • The trust score of the website shows an average, 60%. 
  • The website shows an HTTPS protocol. It means there is the possibility of a secured website. However, it does not always mean security. 
  • The user interface is friendly and allows navigation through the website effortlessly. 
  • There is no physical address or contact number provided by the website.
  • The mail id on the website is [email protected].
  • The social media presence of Pakbuck Com is absent. 
  • There is also a lack of reviews on online platforms. 
  • There is a lack of popularity of the website. 
  • The website has contents that show plagiarism. 

Henceforth it is not surprising that this website raises some suspiciousness. 

Customer Review 

While searching for the information regarding the website, we tried to search for reviews. However, there were no reviews about the website found on any searches online. 

As it lacks any reviews online and also lows on popularity, it comes into the suspected list. 

Henceforth, the legitimacy and authenticity of the Pakbuck Com come into question. 


Finding an online platform that supports tech reviews and gives earning tips is a much-needed tool and favor. 

But with our research, we have gathered that there are red signals that are hard to ignore. The website has a short life expectancy, no popularity, lacks reviews, and plagiarised content. 

Henceforth, investing your time in this website is not worth it. 

We would kindly suggest our readers stay away from Pakbuck Com

Have you fallen for a website that was a scam? Please share the experience in the section below.

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