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Politics Write For Us Guest Post: Check Out These Guidelines To Write A Perfect Political Article!


With the carefully designed instructions, the article assists Politics Write for Us Guest Post contributors in submitting their writings to the team.

Are you the person who wakes up listening to all the political news? Can you present an article that reflects the absolute political happenings worldwide without bias? Are you passionate about writing Politics Write for Us Guest Post articles? Then you can use this guest blogging opportunity to exhibit all your political observations in the form of online writing. But there are some general guidelines to be followed while creating the article, which is listed below.

Introduction to our website “debbimorgan.org”

Our website is well-known for astounding our visitors with high-quality articles. And we are an online team that follows professional Politics + Write for Us writers’ ethics when publishing an article.

Politics Write for Us articles Preferred Educational Qualifications and Skillsets

Politics is something that appears in the headlines of the media, and Gone are those days when political articles were published only in the print media. But, nowadays, online political articles are getting more popular. That’s why we have come up with this guest blogging opportunity. It will be a competitive one, so we expect the writers to present high-quality “Write for Us” + Politics articles.

So, to carry over this opportunity, political analysts, journalists, and political executives can share their perfect points about the political article.

Write for Us Politics Reference topics

Writers must be meticulous while selecting the topics, and they should also be recent as well. Kindly see these examples for selecting the topics.

  • What is the political tension happening between Russia and the G7 nations?
  • What is the 14th Amendment Bill creating huge hype in American politics?
  • Trending political diplomacy of the global nations
  • Inspiring biographies of the political leaders

Write for Us + Politics articles Guidelines

The word limit of political articles can be in the range of 750 to 1500.

The article must be supported by factual information and not contain any inaccurate information. Please cite the legit source and deliver the article.

The Grammarly application assists us in correcting our committed grammatical, vocabulary, and quantifier errors. Thus, “Write for Us” + “Politics” writers can make use of it. Grammarly’s score should be more excellent than 99 percent.

Plagiarised or copied articles will not be considered as entries because they will be rejected immediately. As a result, the guest post author should concentrate on their expertise when writing for our platform.

Guest post writers might incorporate photographs of political personalities and infographics to make the content more intriguing.

Professional font styles should be chosen for the article. Only subheadings must be highlighted.

“Write for Us” + Politics articles SEO guidelines

  • The guest post author is asked only to include internal or external links once the content has reached 70% completion.
  • Keywords with a high SEO score must be used in the content. However, writers should stay within the bounds of it. Else, it may backfire on us.
  • Keywords are classified into primary and secondary, depending on their competitiveness. Writers must incorporate both of them.

Benefits to the Politics + “Write for Us” writers

  • Most of our platform articles will get higher SERP rankings, so the guest post article will perform well and may attract many new readers as well.
  • Writers may ask any doubt about our professionals; they will surely lend their hand of support.
  • Since our website has gathered so many readers, the writers need not to search for their audience base. We have it for them.

Politics “Write for Us” Submission Rules

  • Potential applicants may send their completed works to the following email address [[email protected]] to reach our Debbimorgan team: This is the editorial team’s contact information, so guest post writers can use this email address if they have any recommendations or clarifications.
  • While submitting, the Write for Us+ Politics writers can share their political credentials if they hold any higher positions in a political scenario.
  • While submitting the applications, kindly send them to us via Google Docs and MS Word.


The political article needs to be written according to the guidelines mentioned above to get outstanding organic traffic for that article, which makes the Politics Write for Us Guest Post article perform well and will also give fame to the Political writers.

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