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Jessica Rowling Arantes (conceived 27 July 1993, age: 29 years) is a well known big name youngster and online entertainment popularity young lady from America.

She is known to the world for being the little girl of the most renowned creator ever. Mrs. Joanne Rowling (J. K. Rowling). Indeed, you may definitely know that J. K. Rowling is, in all honesty, the creator of the well known Harry Potter series.

The film Harry Potter depends on the book composed by Jessica’s mom. Because of her mom’s acclaim Jessica likewise tasted the spotlight and stayed in news ordinarily. Despite the fact that Jessica is well known she has kept her own life hidden from the supporters of her mom. She has never showed up in the media to share her own life anyplace. However, we have tracked down numerous things about her that we have partaken in this article continue to peruse.

Jessica Rowling Arantes Life story, School and College

Jessica Rowling Arantes was brought into the world as the oldest youngster of her mom. She was brought into the world on 27th July 1993 in Portugal. She spent her experience growing up in Scotland. However, her young life happened without the help of her dad since her dad Mr. Jorge Arantes got isolated from J.K Rowling soon after a couple of months after Jessica’s introduction to the world.

Jessica’s folks got isolated in 1995 in the wake of recording a separation in 1993. After she was raised by her mom for the following seven years until J.K Rowling got hitched a subsequent time. It isn’t known where Jessica had her school and school instruction. Be that as it may, as of now, she is very much settled and living in Rio De Janeiro.

Family, Kin (Identity and Nationality)

As we said that Jessica Rowling Arantes is the little girl of Jorge Arantes and J.K Rowling. However, her dad isolated from her mom on seventeenth November 1993 and at absolutely no point ever met her in the future. Jorge tossed J.K. Rowling out of the house. Jessica then, at that point, was moved to Edinburgh, Scotland by her mom where they started leaving at her auntie’s home.

Her mom then wedded a specialist by calling Neil Murray in 2001. After Jessica’s mom wedded the second time she brought forth two of Jessica’s step-kin. Jessica is presently a sister to Mackenzie Jean Rowling Murray and David Gordon Rowling Murray. Her step-sibling David Gordon Rowling Murray was brought into the world in 2003 while Mackenzie Jean Rowling Murray was brought into the world in 2005.

Jessica Rowling Arantes Spouse, Beau and Connections

According to our exploration, we have observed that there was news in June 2021 that Jessica Rowling Arantes got ready for marriage. In any case, around then name of her significant other was not partaken in the news. Yet, presently there is a ton of discussion about her significant other’s genuine personality. Allow us to let you know that numerous media a distributer has expressed that her better half’s name is Ronny Dias.

However, according to our examination, her better half’s name is André Frias. Andre is currently 30 years of age. In December 2022 André Frias and Jessica Rowling Arantes formally shared that they are pregnant with a child. They have given the name to their child girl Giovanna Arantes Frias. As of February 2023, Jessica has not brought forth her child girl but rather has given a name to her before her introduction to the world.

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